​You have been craving for that holiday in Namibia. You found yourself emailing Air Namibia and researching flights to Namibia, but, naturally, in the end, you came to your senses and booked that Namibia BMW motorcycle tour with UpSouth Adventures.

Now you’ve got everything planned and ready: Your passport, bags, motorcycle, Namibia facts and even your very own map of Namibia. However, there is one thing you haven’t got completely figured out – Where to stop for a nice cold one.

So, we here at UpSouth Adventures have once again come to your rescue by listing the bars (or anywhere with a Windhoek Lager) that you absolutely have to place on your map.
1.  Joe’s Beer House
Namibians are proud of their beer. Fact. So, it only makes sense to take the next logical step and visit Joe’s Beer House. Not only is it a big tourist attraction, but it is also something for the eye, as it sticks to a very rustic, oasis bound style.
2.  Warehouse Theatre
​For the adventurous at heart. Here you will find your weekly quiz nights, open mic nights, beer, super cocktails and just a general buzz of awesome Windhoek locals to hang out with in the steampunk inspired theatre and bar.
3.  River Crossing for cocktails
​Made it all the way to Namibia’s capital city? Survived the crazy taxis and streets? And now finally found a spot in Windhoek that is actually surrounded by nature, not sirens and hooting (Read: Rivier Crossing)? Obviously you will want to savour this moment save some proof with a #selfie moment.
4.  Stellenbosch Wine Bar
No better way to pretend you are a sophisticated being by holding a glass of red in your hand.  ​Here in this petite court yard you will be surrounded and infected by the jolly laughter of Windhoek’s locals.
5.  The Wolfshack
If you like the sound of Stellenbosch Wine Bar then Wolfshack will probably also be to your liking. An adventurous wine bar that will bring out that wolf in you.
6.  Sky Bar at Hilton Hotel
Perhaps you are thinking that this isn’t really what you had in mind for your Namibian motorcycle tour. You had dirt, camping and simple beer in mind. Not the luxury lifestyle of successful hotel. However, it is a rule, that when you pass through Windhoek you have to at least try the Hilton Hotel’s cocktails at their Sky Bar.
​Also, what a spectacular sight of the city lights (Is that another selfie moment I sense?).
7.  BushBar
Travelling through Windhoek can get quite hectic (traffic much?). So, if you feel like breaking away from those concrete walls and busy streets whilst visiting then be sure to pop in at BushBar for some pizzas and beer.
8.  Kücki’s Pub
There are a lot of things to do in Swakopmund and visiting Kucki’s Pub is one of them, because what’s better than beer on tap and a juicy steak in the heart of Namibia’s most loved holiday destination?
10.  Tiger Reef
Cocktails on the beach? Oh yeah, this is the life.
11.  Solitude Beach Bar
Another great spot for getting your grub on and drinking a cold one whilst looking over the beautiful ocean.
13.  Fishermann’s Inn
If you’ve been wondering where to stay in Namibia then make sure to put Fishermann’s Inn on that list. Not only do they see to your sleeping needs, but they also have a unique fisherman bar where you’ll be bonding with the locals in no time. Also, it’s in the desert – let’s just appreciate the irony here.
Namibia accommodation? Check. Namibian drinks? Check. Good time? Hell yeah!
14.  The Raft’s Bar
This restaurant situated in Walvis Bay’s lagoon should definitely be highlighted on your Namibia tour planner, especially since it’s also got a rather cosy bar for quenching that thirst of yours.
15.  Relaxing with a beer at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge
Naturally, I trust, that Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is already on that list of yours for at least accommodation. However, this lodge has so much more to offer than just sleeping arrangements. Their beer garden have me going like:
​Heading up to Etosha National Park? Of course you are. Then you should also make a point of it to visit Etosha Village. Their African styled bar knows just how to get you in the jolly spirit.


  1. Bendehuis…Dylans and Vintage….

  2. If you are want to go off of the beaten ourist rap track, Dylans bar hosts karaoke every Thursday night, very popular, Bendehuis and Vintage offer local live music in Windhoek… steer clear of bars in the centre of town if you are on foot!


    Solitude Beach Bar – what a stunning place for a sun-downer or
    even a meal XXX

  4. What about Old Wheelers and Andy Pub in Windhoek?