​So, you have decided to put that holiday money to good use and visit Cape Town in South Africa. Our country has so many unique and thrilling experiences to offer that you will have to make it back for that second visit. But, wait. You have a dilemma: You are working on a budget. How do you make the best of your trip with a limit on that credit card? Not to worry, because we have decided to make you a list of South Africa’s tastiest experiences at an affordable price. 

​“Tastiest,” I say? Well, I can give you a map of South Africa and a list of things to do in Cape Town, but what it all basically comes down to is that culinary experience. Taking your taste buds on an adventure can be damn near as thrilling (or even more so) than taking the cable cars up Table Mountain.
​It will be nearly impossible to walk into a South African café, bakery or grocery store and not find those devilishly sweet treats calling out to you. The koeksister is a very famous South African dish and it’s not expensive at all. You have not visited South Africa if you haven’t yet over sweetened your taste buds with this curly delight.
​Another famous South African dessert (yes, we love our something sweet). Be sure to stop at any local bakery (or that South African friend’s grandma) to get a taste of this creamy pastry.
​Yes, there are plenty of places to eat in the City of Cape Town and the local restaurants overflow with culture and character and we know that you just cannot wait to eat out. However, one of the most South African things you can experience is to visit someone for a braai. Basically it just means that you will be grilling some lamb chops, steak, wors or perhaps local game. However, a braai is about more than just the food – To braai is more of a social experience than it is about stilling that growling tummy of yours. Be sure to quickly make some local friends and you can be sure to soon be invited to one of their braais.
Whilst this meaty treat isn’t always on the cheap side, you can be sure that at least one of the locals will feel it their duty to gift you with this true South African experience. A token of true comradeship.
​Another sugary South African treat – Easy to make, easier to buy, but best to enjoy when you’re visiting your friend’s grandma for tea.
​And believe me, you’ll never forget this one.
​Sweet or savoury, pick to your liking. Never before has crumby porridge been so addictive.
​The South African version of a hotdog. All the basic ingredients except that the vienna is replaced with boerewors and instead of ketchup you get some tasty homemade tomato relish. Also, made at home this tasty pleasure can be enjoyed at quite an affordable price when made at home.
​A traditional South African stew made with basically anything you want to throw in it. Usually prepared by the men – spoon in the one hand and brandy and coke in the other.

​This Cape Malay dish is one that has over the years crept into the heart and heritage of every South African. Once again, a dish best enjoyed when served as a home-cooked meal. So, what is the golden rule? “Make friends with the locals.” 

​Nothing says South Africa quite as well as grandma cooking up local recipes to welcome new faces. (Or the boys getting their braai on).

​Man oh man, do we love our sweet stuff and this moist dessert is no exception.  The only thing better than Malva pudding, is more Malva pudding.
​A hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry? Carbs are my weakness.
​This dough delight will have you dancing in food paradise. Filled with curry mince or sweet syrup you will find it hard to fight temptation with this dish in sight.
​Cooking your own loaf of bread on the fire, good company and the night sky in the backdrop. Yes, the true way to eat your roosterkoek.
​Well, that and with a generous amount of golden syrup.
A South African relish served with, well, basically anything. This is for those who prefer their food with a more fiery taste.
​Samoesas got me looking like:
​More widely known as pickled fish. Something we South Africans cherish even more than chocolate eggs and bunnies during the Easter holiday.
​Caramel, chocolate, cookies and cream – This dessert’s got all it all.
​No, not the American type. We make it South African style and after you’ve had a bite you’ll want to have it that way forever.

Yes, the hug in a mug.

Nothing can quite comfort you the way the Amarula Dom Pedro does.


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