It happens every time! I get so excited about a new motorcycle that I struggle to sleep the week before the delivery. 

And this time around it’s not just any motorcycle: it’s the all-new from-the-wheels-up BMW R1200GS LC, marking a special event in my calendar! I enjoyed riding the previous 1200GS’s but preferred my 800GS until I assisted at the launch of the new BMW R1200GS.   

I was thoroughly impressed by the bike, in terms of everything. It presented a lean, manoeuvrable machine with a smoother drivetrain. Sold. (After only one day of some tarmac and gravel passes). 

Poor John Carr, from Donford Motorrad. I bombarded him with phone calls every day for a week – to the point where he delivered the bike a day earlier!



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  1. I wonder when i will get…perhaps xmas?? Haha…