​We all know that feeling.  You just returned from a wonderful holiday of travelling, nights of wining and dining and plenty other secret shenanigans, but now the excitement of travelling has worn off and you’re once stimulating everyday life appears mundane and just a bit too routine.

​What you need, my friend, is a holiday to South Africa and because we here at UpSouth care about all your travelling needs we decided to show you how the thrill of travelling sometimes lies right at your doorstep. Occasionally they come in big packages like an UpSouth motorcycle tour, but other times they come in smaller forms, such as that of a simple Cape Town breakfast.

So, here you go, the best restaurants  in  cape town  for you breakfast adventure:

​1.    Origin
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a day started without coffee is a day spent sleepwalking. So, naturally what is essential to any good breakfast travel guide is the quality of the coffee served with these dishes. You can’t eat anything before coffee, otherwise you’ll be eating with one eye closed and that’s no way to enjoy the glorious adventure of food. Origin serves some real class coffee, with freshly roasted beans, to give you that great wake-up call needed to truly enjoy breakfast.
​2.    The House of Machines
Miss your motorcycle holiday? Then start your day with a bang at this three in one package: Bar, men’s lifestyle shop and motorcycle workshop. What more do you need in life? Live music performances perhaps? Yep, they got that too. Good coffee? The best. Breakfast? Duh. So, what are you doing still reading this post? Go get your breakfast on.

Even biker’s need their breakfast!

​3.    Truth
Okay, so you went overseas, or perhaps deeper into Africa, or maybe you just went on a cultural outreach. The point is, your daily life does not seem as enriching as it used to, and truthfully, you just don’t need that kind of negativity in your life right now. So, why not travel to another time? Perhaps even another world? In the One and Only Cape Town, there is Truth to be discovered and with Truth I mean the world of creamy flat whites, the best eggs benedict dishes and a big touch of steampunk. Yep, at Truth you can have a tasty breakfast and explore the magic of living in a steampunk novel.
Who would want to say no to that?
4.    Ou Meul Bakkery
Returning home after a trip is tough, especially in the busy city of Cape Town. You got used to trying new things, meeting people, taking selfies at street signs, but most importantly you got used to just relaxing. Ou Meul Bakkery’s simplicity will have you drowning out all that sound and drawing in a scrumptious egg brêkkie.
6.    Clarkes
It’s Saturday morning, you’re hungry, you’re tired and that travel-hangover still hasn’t disappeared. Remedy? Start the day with style at Clarke’s, not only will your belly thank you, but you’ll leave with the need to explore the rest of what Cape Town has to offer.
7.    Beleza
That sweet sensation of taking a bite from your Portuguese breakfast roll, or slicing through your delicious Italian omelette knowing you didn’t have to fly half way across the world to explore some Mediterranean cuisine. Here, in vibrant South Africa, when you eat out Cape Town is looking out for your breakfast needs.
Also, they have a vintage clothing section. Shopping whilst eating, that’s enough to kick the travel-hangover straight out the door.
9.    Department of Coffee in Khayelitsha
Now, I know what some of you are thinking at this point: “Great, tell me about all these nice places to visit, knowing that I don’t have the luxury to eat out before work.” Luckily the Department of Coffee in Khayelitsha knows your pain. Here, you don’t only get your java and muffin on, but also a cultural township experience – all packaged to go.
​10.    Cocoa Oolah
Sometimes all it takes is relaxing with your morning brew and breakfast croissant at the foot of Table Mountain (surrounded by hipsters of course) to make you realise “holy cow! Cape Town is fantastic.” The stylish Cocoa Oolah, in Kloof Street, can help you with just that.
​11.    Hello Sailor
This Rock ’n Roll sailor bistro serves all your brêkkie needs with the added benefit of feeling like you entered a rockabilly scene. What a rockin’ way to start your day.
​12.    Lola’s
At the end of Long Street you’ll find the trendy Lola’s, a café situated perfectly for some people-watching – a sure remedy for your travel-hangover. Come on, don’t deny it, everyone loves people-watching. Also, people love breakfast. So, guess I’ll see you there tomorrow at 07:30?
​13.    Mount Nelson Hotel
Sometimes all you need to cure the travel-hangover is to enjoy your own mini SA holiday. For me that sometimes mean dressing up and treating myself to the luxurious lifestyle. If you are also one of those people, then there are plenty of hotels in Cape Town to make you feel like an upper class Victorian las, or the long lost King of Spain. Mount Nelson hotel will have your mouth watering waterfalls and your tummy thanking you later (not even the windy weather in Cape Town could get you down).
14.    Tashas
I have come to believe that when I am at the Waterfront Cape Town is trying to convince me that I have been accepted in the streets of High Society and now I must live like the queen I truly am.
​In my head that entails men to come rushing at me with bowls of fruit and one cocktail after the other. In reality I just go the V&A’s Tashas, get service from awesome waiters and have the best breakfast that make my taste buds go crazy with excitement. My belly is happy and so is my heart.
15.    Starling & Hero Bicycle Café
In the artsy Woodstock Exchange you’ll find the artsy Starling & Hero Bicycle Café – tucked away for you to unwrap like a Christmas present. How is this not already an adventure on its own? Now just add some eggs to it and you have yourself an artsy breakfast adventure.
16.    The Vineyard Hotel
Cape Town isn’t all concrete. At the Vineyard Hotel Cape Town makes you feel like a very sophisticated traveller. Almost like Jane (from Tarzan) where they set up those great fancy tents in the midst of the woods – still living like the royalty they are. Why shouldn’t you too?
And wait, what is that I hear? Another fresh breakfast buffet? What greater joy could there be in the world.
​17.    Superette
The travel-hangover have you feeling sullen and down? Then counter attack it with a touch of chic simplicity and a mouthful of tastiness at Superette. This darling café will have you bursting with energy as you nibble on their toasted banana bread and homemade cranberry granola.
​19.    The Kitchen
Sometimes when you’re stuck in a rut (the I-want-to-travel-but-I-can’t-right-now rut) you’ll go out of your way for Italian dishes, French movies, or foreign romantic restaurants in Cape Town. We forget that South Africa is actually, not so secretly, super awesome.
Offering South African food with a stylish twist, The Kitchen will lull that travel-hangover back to sleep, as you start to feel comforted in this cramped space with South Africans buzzing all around you.


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