I think it’s safe to say that there is a certain “Thor-like” presence (for lack of a better word) within Iceland- my brain might be fuzzy from all the food I’ve been eating, hell, it might be fuzzy from all the reruns of Game of Thrones I’ve been watching (FYI, one of the episodes of G.O.T featured a spot in Iceland), but don’t you think that Iceland has a certain supernatural air? Granted, we thought we’d put together a list of 23 of the overlooked places to visit in Iceland. Hopefully, in less than 5 minutes, we will have you grasping the edge of your seat, booking one of the flights to Reykjavik.
1.  Reykjavik
Yep! The number one overlooked place in Iceland is the capital of Iceland. Whilst everyone is so eager to visit the location they found on Google, they overlook the vast culture, history and beauty contained within Reykjavik.
2.  The Ring Road​
“If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it’s probably a duck”.
Iceland is located just between the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean, known for the Iceland eruptions, it has an area size of over 100,000 square kilometres (and kinda looks like a duck), and thus several Iceland tours have been put in place through what they call “the ring road” so that you get to experience the many Iceland attractions.
3.  Laundromat Café​
Score! A Laundromat + Café.  I put this one in just for you, because you’ve been on the road for days and you will need time to rest whilst you wait for your smelly socks to freshen.
4.  Baejarins Beztu Pylsur
Simple math: Good food = Good times
Baejarins serves the best hot dog in the world, man-sized fully loaded hotdog……need I say more.
5.  Reykjavik hotels​
You’ve just been on a flight to Iceland and your incredibly tired, where do you stay? Well, it’s hard to single out one hotel, but the hotels in Reykjavik are truly breathtaking, each one having its own charm and personality, perfect for when you visit Iceland.
6.  Golden circle
This 300km path loops from Reykjavik into central Iceland and back, it literally passes through the best holiday destinations within Iceland.
7.  Blue lagoon
You know there’s something wrong if this geothermal spa is not on your bucket list.
8.  Northern lights
​There are several spots within Iceland, of your choosing, where you can get to observe the magnificence of the Aurora Borealis……….not your typical geography lesson.
9.  VatnajÖkull
​One of Europe’s largest glaciers, covering several of the Iceland volcanoes ….it’s not called the Land of Fire and Ice for nothing.
10.  Husavik
A town just off the north coast well known for original whale watching, even has its own Whale Museum.
11.  Gullfoss
Enjoy the natural beauty of the Gullfoss Waterfall located in the Canyon of Hvita River in the southwest of Iceland.
12.  Lake Mayvatn
Discover the greatest thing to ever happen to nature: alkaline bathing lagoon while soaking up the view; nature bath; sulphur baths; hot springs; bubbling mud pools; geothermal caves. Courtesy of Lake Mayvatn. 
13.  Dettifoss
That’s some insane power baby! The most powerful waterfall in Iceland.
14.  Selfoss
​Elegant and serene waterfall.
15.  Vik
​Small village in the south of Iceland, perfect to explore and taking a hike.
16.  Laki
You can prepare for the Iceland weather but nothing prepares you for the awe-inspiring landscapes.
17.  Landmannalauger
​What can I do situated at the edge of a lava field? Stay in mountain huts, relax in natural geothermal hot springs, hiking, and horse riding.
18.  Skaftafell Ice Cave… speaks for itself.
19.  The mountains of Laugafell
​Located in the interior of the north of Iceland, there are no hotels just mountain cabins, but on the up side there are several geothermal hot springs and hiking trails.
20.  Hallgrimskirkja
This church: tallest building in Iceland.
21.  Fiskfelagid
Your Iceland holidays aren’t over until you’ve tasted the Icelandic seafood…
22.  Kringlan shopping Mall
​Iceland’s biggest shopping mall.
23.  The Lebowski Bar
​You don’t have to speak an Icelandic language to know that you will have the time of your life.


  1. That photo of Husavik looks like a fairytale village, amazing 🙂

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    24. The highland of Iceland! One of the last, true wilderness we have here. Vast and wonderful and no crowds. Can only be traversed during summer. Here is more information on how you can do it yourself (read: preferably 2 or 3 vehicles together):
    Safe travels!

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