UpSouth Adventures, an Official Partner of BMW Motorrad, is based in Cape Town, South Africa. We conduct unique, adventurous motorcycle tours within Southern Africa. Our amazing team has over 8 years of experience in the travel and motorcycle tour industry. UpSouth Adventures has thoroughly scouted all corners of Southern Africa, to bring you the best routes, accommodation, and attractions this beautiful destination has to offer. We are very passionate about sharing our love for Africa with you.

With extensive local knowledge, our multi-skilled team is completely committed to delivering an amazing, personalised experience. Dedicated, fun and professional, our undivided attention is always on you. UpSouth Adventures – You only live once, live up to it!

Cultural Barriers How we roll

We’ll help you to experience South Africa on two wheels. Our team assists you with all the elements of the trip – from recommendations to organising accommodation and general suggestions, we’ll ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. If you’re keen to hit the road, we’ll help you do all the preparation!

Ultimate Adventure For those who want to have more freedom

Maybe you prefer to travel with more flexibility, not always with the group. Well then, kind sir or ma’am, we’ll equip you with an optional GPS and route maps. You’ll then have the freedom to follow the tour guide on certain days or travel at your own pace on others; meet up with the group for lunch or go on your own adventure! Just follow the planned route and the back-up vehicle will still be there – just in case.

This option is not recommended for those with little experience or on some routes that include long gravel sections. Africa is not for the faint of heart!

Ultimate Adventure Making things easy

UpSouth Adventure will plan your whole trip with great routes, beautiful scenery and handpicked accommodation. Your tour guide and back-up vehicle will also provide reassurance and comfort so that you can just enjoy the freedom of the road.

Best of the best Looking to travel independently

We offer self-guided tours for those who want to do their trip independently of a tour guide and back-up vehicle. We’ll still take care of all the technical things, like proposing routes (plotted with pre-booked accommodation), motorcycles and GPS navigation – all to suit your exact needs.

If you only require a motorcycle, or routes and accommodation, just shout and we will assist! Anything else? Coffee? How many sugars?

Clarity Why Us?

People make all the difference. At UpSouth we love what we do, and we enjoy sharing every part of Southern Africa with you. Whether we’re sharing stories by the fire, or simply introducing you to some tasty local snacks, you’ll get to know us and this beautiful place.

Relationships A little advice

If an adventurous rider has explored too much on a given day, or in the event of an accident, the back-up vehicle may be slightly delayed. We offer the option of taking additional motorcycle luggage, just to pack your daily things.

This ensures that we won’t have any delays for showering, getting dressed into your safari gear, relaxing with a beer or reminiscing about the thrilling day that has passed.

Werner Roux

Werner Roux

The combination of noisy performance exhausts, 50cc motorcycles, and mischievous schoolboy racing, planted the seed for a great love of fast road bikes. Up until 8 years ago, Werner was commissioned as a professional photographer by a motorcycle touring company. A whole new world of adventure biking opened up and broadened his view of motorcycling. Since then Werner has guided tours and travelled Southern Africa extensively, all the way up to the equator.

Born and raised in South Africa, he provides an adventurous experience with his incredible knowledge, simultaneously looking after the interests of clients with his laid back personality. He ensures that everyone is satisfied by meeting all expectations. Werner is in his element when combining his passion for photography with his love for biking.


And our Logo?

UpSouth Adventures was established by 4 individuals with common goals and ideals. Like a swallow, we have travelled the world following the summer – just to return home. It is this home, Africa, that we want to share with you. Let us take you on an unforgettable journey, UP through SOUTHern Africa!

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